This is a simple serial terminal that works using Python and so it will work across both Linux and Windows. It is designed to be used with ByVac products so has some built in tools for that. It can of course be used as a general purpose terminal.


Use with PiChips

type .sv3 set or .sv3 list if there is any sv3 devices connected

This is a typical output. Anything the host (you) types will be white, bytes received from the target will be yellow and any control characters (the ones that do not normally print will be in cyan). Information is in green.

The way the terminal behaves is by the use of dot (.) commands. So to obtain help type .h.

Some useful commands

  • .r - sends DTR low momentarily, used to reset ByPic devices
  • .h - help
  • .x - exit
  • .sv3 list - lists all sv3 devices on the bus
  • .esc(0 1 2 or 3) - controls output esc4 will show just hex, very useful for debugging